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As some of you may be aware, Texas is one of the only markets in the country which still uses square yards to measure and price its sod. Although most of us are accustomed to dealing in square yards, it creates needless complication for all of us since we measure the areas we plant by the foot. Those of us dealing with homeowners in particular would be better served to use the square foot measure. We already use the square foot measure in the golf course industry as this is how golf course superintendents order product from us.

Another advantage for both our customers and for producers is that the square foot measure allows us to use a slightly larger pallet which makes it possible to get the same amount of grass on a truck while using 2 fewer pallets (see below). As you all know, pallet expense has become a big concern. It is our hope that the majority of our customers will accept the 500 ft2 pallet as the new standard.

Leaders of our professional growers association, Turf Producers of Texas , have agreed as an industry to join the rest of the nation in adopting the square foot measure. As leaders within our industry, we feel it is our obligation to lead the way in making this change, so we now measure/price our product by the square foot. Please note the conversions and pricing examples below. 

We want to make every effort to accommodate our customers, so please let us know if you have a situation that requires the use of the 50 yds2 / 450 ft2 pallets and we will gladly harvest that for you.

- Effective since April 1, 2006 -