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St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the ultimate easy to care for homeowners lawn grass.  If given a quality soil to grow in, St. Augustine requires little more than weekly mowing and occasional deep watering to produce a beautiful and weed-free turf.  The growth habit of St. Augustine can actually choke-out a number of weeds that would require chemical control in bermudagrass or zoyisa turf.  St. Augustine is extraordinarily deep rooted and therefore does not require much water if grown on deep soil, however, if planted in a shallow soil it will require more frequent watering than bermudagrass.  St. Augustine has the best shade tolerance, which makes it the best choice for lawns with tree shade.


Raliegh – we were the very first farm to receive the original Raleigh planting stock from North Carolina in 1978.  Raleigh is a proven cultivar with exceptional cold tolerance and good all-around performance.  Raleigh has moderate size and moderate shoot density.

Texas Common St. Augustine – still the one to beat.  Our selections of Texas Common St. Augustine are the most beautiful  as well as somewhat finer textured.